Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Growing Hair

It is need about that time. Initially I intended for Vanity to release last summer following our exhibition with Cat Camargo. I'm so glad whatever I had ready wasn't presented to the public. With so many changes that come with the times I think being human I started to fall into trying to deliver at the fastest rates possible to feed the internet and what is now the streaming era. When It's Only Right dropped, streaming wasn't totally a thing, and for the team and I, the street work / grass root route was essential to our success and growth. Throughout this project's process I've grown so much as a person; relearning myself and what music mean to me in this chapter of my life and story. Doing whatever possible to stay true to my craft, not being pressured by what's happening online to release music just to do it. Staying focused on the goals I had in mind when this project's idea initially sparked interest in my mind to deliver. I believe this effort will be a more mature approach than my last effort, and a good take on the ups and downs on being vain as a growing man in our latest century.

The summer has always been our season, by the way.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Daily Orange Feature on COS Headquarters

"Working adjacent was Seth Dollar, a rapper who collaborates closely with the brand Children of The Summer, compiling sticker packs for marketing purposes. Both echoed the idea that the CoWorks, even with its prime location, has room for everyone.
“It’s all about trying to continue to keep up for downtown. We’re slowly planting seeds, but at the same time it’s not cliché,” Dollar said."
Syracuse CoWorks is possibly the chillest place to work

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Xiang Wei for Seth Dollar / Children Of The Summer

The Next Up Interview with Seth Dollar

"When I first met Seth, I could tell he was a thinker. Similar to the way Obama pauses in his speech, Seth was the same way except there were no pauses, but I could see the the wheels spinning in his brain as he formed his thoughts, answers in his eyes. With a calm demeanor and lowkey style, Seth reminds of the kids who were cool with everyone, but who were uniquely themselves. Sitting on my friend Joanna’s couch, we talked about his vision for his brand, Children of the Summer, why he does what he does and just general things about life.
It took a while for he and I connect because of schedules and timing, but we finally did and it was a great conversation about who he is and what he’s about, and at the time discussing his upcoming project ‘Vanity’." -Ibi Lagundoye

Sunday, January 1, 2017


"I spent the first 21 years of my life creating my last project, It's Only Right. This project I had close to 2 years to put together the message I had with the music. Within the last 2 years our country and our world have drastically changed. Throughout the change we all have had a feeling, a thought, a place, something or somewhere that we escape to to deal with the changes. Almost making our problems nonexistent. Our own personal vanities. Our own conceit. Narcissism. Self-love. Self admiration. Self absorption. Self regard. Egotisms. At some point in life, as humans, we all go through a state of Vanity to take what is necessary for our survival. Whether it be seen as good or evil. This project is my journey through that state; using it to find myself. And now I'm ready to share it. #VANITY February 2017."

-Seth Dollar Colton, December 31st 2016


Artwork: Original Portrait and Framing on Canvas by Cat Camargo